Monday, January 26, 2009

Surveying the Crowd for Suggestions

Hello Friends!
In an effort to put life back in my blog, I wanted to poll the readers of this blog to see where you think Brad and I should go on Spring Break. It will be our one year anniversary. We want to go somewhere that we can drive to in a reasonable amount of time and that has fun attractions but also just areas to enjoy kicking back and relaxing. Right now we are thinking of going to Greenville, SC and Gatlinburg,TN. In Greenville, there are some neat parks and a cute downtown area. In Gatlinburg, the main perk to me would be getting a cabin and just relaxing but also going to the main drag because my family used to go every year. If anyone has additional ideas or suggestions for where to go in Greenville or Gatlinburg, then please leave a comment.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am Not Out of the Blog Business

Happy New Year!
I am not out of the blog business. Life has been busy since the New Year and before. I have not been blogging for a combination of good and bad reasons. The good reasons would be a week similar to what Jennifer talked about in her blog. I have the blessing of having my birthday and Christmas within one week. Brad and I were Christmas-ing all the way from Christmas Eve to December 28th. The next day my mom and I celebrated my birthday and then the 30th was my actual birthday. Then you turn around the next day and it is New Year's Eve. We spent ours with my Grandmother and cousins and dad and sister during the day and playing games and watching the ball drop with Jack and Christina and Carter.
The bad reasons are picking back up with work and Masters. Plus I am struggling to get my principal to see that I need to do my internship for my Masters starting in March. He thinks I should go on sabbatical to complete it or do it during the summer. That would be hard without students. So I am praying for a sign that I either stay on at my current school and get his permission to do it or find a counseling opening at another school to work under a provisional certificate next year while also completing my internship. It is a hard decision to make since I love my FOCUS position. However I am working on a formal argument to present my principal on how I can complete my obligations to my higher education and to my current job.