Wednesday, March 24, 2010

6 More WakeUps til Spring Break!

I can't emphasize or express enough how excited I am that Spring Break starts next Friday bringing me ten days off from work. As many of my friends in the blog community can relate to, this is the time of year where kids go bonkers. It is nearing the end of the year, almost CRCT time, the weather is warmer( well that one is still up for debate) and the days are longer. It is hard to keep them focused. But right now, I feel like I am right there with them. Why? This has been a hard year in a lot of ways but lets just say calendarwise I feel like I am due. I have Perfect Attendance for this year and with all the flood and snow days taking out snow make up days along the way, that means I have not had a day off since MLK day. As a teacher, that is a long time. But instead of being really negative about it, I want to focus on the positive. Spring Break is coming !!! Here is the top five reasons I am excited Spring Break is just around the corner:

#5 - Flip flops are going to be coming back out soon. I love feet freeing shoes! I have lavender sparkly flip flops, brown, black, etc. I just love them and the warm weather means they can find their way back to the front of the closet. Yay!

#4 - Easter is coming. I like Easter. Carter will be an active participant in the Dobson Easter Egg hunt this Sunday . It will certainly be fun to watch him go after the eggs.

#3 - Certain candies come available for said easter egg hunts. I love some Starburst jellybeans and the Brach's Malted Milk Ball Robin Eggs. And the latter are hard to find.

#2 - Brad and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary on the Monday of Spring Break. It is amazing to me that it has been two years. We are in a really good place in our relationship and things get more and more fun. Two weekends ago and we went to the lake and just had couple time. Last Wednesday night we went and saw John Mayer second row. Things are just always hopping.

#1 To celebrate our two year anniversary, we are going to NYC. Four Spring Breaks ago, I went to NYC with my one of best friends and former roommate Nicole while Brad went to Colorado to ski. I am excited to share the city with Brad. We have a plan of events and sites that we want to enjoy when we go. We will be there from Wednesday to Sunday so our actual anniversary will be in Loganville but two days later we are NYC bound.
So there it is my top five of why Spring Break can't get here fast enough. Of course, it should go without saying if you know me at all that I can't wait to sleep in. :0) What are you all excited to see come in with Spring Break? Do you have any suggestions for restaurants in NYC?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Funny Friday

Yesterday I took my first and second grade class to the computer lab. They are learning about the forest ecosystem. Therefore, we were making fact forests. They draw a tree but then it has to either be outlined or filled up with facts about trees. So I had selected two kid friendly sites to research from.

Well, we were the first class to use the lab because the computers were not on when we arrived. So we had to sit and wait through them warming up. I told the kids that the computers were just like them ( and me) and didn't want to get up out of their beds to come to school and get to work on a Friday morning. Most of the children just thought that was funny but one of my second grade students, Anis who is of Bosnian descent said:

"They don't want to get out of their Micro - soft beds!"
Oh the things kids say, but I thought that one was pretty clever!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mom's Birthday

My mom celebrated her 56th birthday this Sunday. I started that day very early, at 4:45am when my husband woke up to leave on the field trip he is chaperoning for his school. Despite how quiet he tried to be on his way out, I am a light sleeper and I woke up to say "Good morning" upon waking up to the alarm and " Good bye, I love you" when he was walking out. I went back to sleep and slept through church after Brad left.

I then ran a few errands to finish getting ready for my Mom's birthday. I had already gotten her card a week before when Sarah and I shopped at the Mall of Georgia. I had bought her frame during the week. I had ordered the picture for the frame but I had to go pick it up, return a movie that Brad and I had watched Saturday night and fuel up the Honda. Then our fun evening was ready to begin.

To celebrate Mom's birthday, Suzanne, Mom and I got together to go out to eat Chinese. We split sizzling rice soup, general chicken and house fried rice. Then we came home. Mom had bought the ingredients for making haystacks. Haystacks are a candy/dessert that Mom used to make for us around the holidays when we were growing up. I had never made them before and I am in a habit of trying to get family recipes recorded or figured out right now. I have made Grandma do it recently with dumplings and in the past with biscuits. Too many family recipes have gone on with my loved ones and this is something special I like to do. It ended up being a special night of fun too.

Starting the Haystacks ( I am on the phone because Brad called to tell me he got there)

My sister scooping out her first stacks

Having Better Luck with the Stacking than I did with the Cookie Press at Christmas

The Spread

The Birthday Stack

After all the haystack makings were complete, Suzanne went home. Mom spent the night to be closer to work and keep me company. We watched Enchanted and went to bed. It was a good night. Happy Birthday!