Monday, June 20, 2011

Telling Brad He Was Going to Become a Dad

As I said previously, I was alone when I took the pregnancy test. I had to figure out a great way to tell Brad that he was going to be a dad. After the road we had been down, it was certainly an unexpected development :0)

The day I took the test was the day after Easter. Brad had gotten me some candy for Easter, and I had not bought anything for him. On this Monday, he was down at the hospital visiting with Jack. I called him and told him that while he was gone the Easter Bunny had stopped by and dropped him off a belated Easter offering. He acted confused. I told him that he would figure out when he got home.

I traveled up to the Avenue and into the local Carter's store. I picked some gender neutral baby gear to package for a "You're Going to Be a Daddy " gift and returned home. I packaged it in the bag - from bottom to top - pregnancy test, gender neutral daddy favored bibs, stuffed monkey. I then waited EAGERLY for a certain husband to get home.

When he opened the gift, it went a little something like this:

His face says to me ,"We do not need another stuffed animal in this house....." (obviously not getting it at this point)

"Wait, a second..."

"Are we?!?"

Great hugging and embracing commenced after this. I know he looks completely shocked but legitimately so. We had just been told all these things we needed to do to get pregnant two weeks earlier and then there we were - pregnant without doing any of them. Brad is going to be an awesome dad and he is very excited.

Friday, June 17, 2011

God Intervenes!

As was mentioned on Facebook and alluded to on here, Brad and I are pregnant. This pregnancy is a major miracle! It has been a long road to pregnancy for us. Part of the reason I stopped blogging is because I felt like I was in a dark spot - I was unhappy about things at work, couldn't get pregnant, frustrated with things in our family. I trudged on though and as He usually does, God intervened.

We started trying to get pregnant last April. I went off birth control. We consciously made efforts with ovulating tests and tracking how long my cycle was ( pretty irregular). Then sometimes we would just "go for it". We had a few long gaps between periods but no pregnancies. It was frustrating. So this April rolled around. I went to my yearly apointment on April 11th, the same day I interviewed for a counseling position. I felt like the interview went alright and then at the appointment, we started the conversation - it's been a year and we are not what? My nurse practitioner Dorian told me that the next time I ovulated I would need to come in for bloodwork to see what was going on and then possibly have an ultrasound when they would shoot dye up my tubes and see what was (or wasn't going on). Brad would need to go see a urologist and get a sample taken. We were braced for the future that was ahead of us.

And then, God intervened. Two weeks later, April 25th, after being a little late on my period, I took a pregnancy test on a whim and it was POSITIVE!!!! Brad wasn't home so I went to work on my efforts to tell him ( content for the next post) and was alone in the most wonderful happiness I have ever experienced....happiness so big and wonderful it was painfully hard to be the ONLY one who knew this greatness.

I have such peace over all of the things surrounding our pregnancy. God has intervened in so many ways -

1.)I ended up not getting the counseling job and that is FINE because God knew that taking on a new job while taking on the job of Mommy would be completely overwhelming.

2.) We ovulated during that cycle on March 31st and April 1st. April 1st is the day Brad's brother had a horrific car accident and survived. I feel like possibly God delivered two awesome miracles to the Dillard family that day - by having His hand on our baby and on Jack.

3.) Our baby is due on Christmas Day - Jesus's birthday. What an awesome day to have our miracle come. Plus it is my favorite time of year because I am a December 30th baby.

So there you have it, God intervened and we are pregnant. And so completely blessed!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Changes to Come!

To the blog, to our lives...... stay tuned! :0)