Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bargains Galore!

I have done some major bargain shopping today. Here's the details:

Ann Taylor Loft - All of their clearance is an extra 40% off right now. I got a pair of dress pants, a wool skirt and a nice embellished tshirt to wear with jeans. Just at the markdown price, these three items would have rung up at around $119. Let's not even talk about what regular price totals would be. With the extra 40% off the total went down to $69. That is as much as you could pay for one of these items at regular price. I was happy! And I found another pair of pants that I put on hold for Mom to buy me for Christmas. That is a great victory. Pants are hard to find for the short people.

Old Navy - Brad needed a new black coat . We went to Old Navy armed with a $5 off a $25 purchase. The black wool coat was originally $69.50. It was on sale for $50. With the coupon and tax, we got it for $47.

VistaPrint - As advertised on Money Saving Mom (thanks Jen and Christina), many products were on sale for up to 90% off today. Brad has wanted some return address labels so I ordered some. 140 labels usually run for $7.99 plus shipping. Today they were 79 cents! So with shipping I only paid $3.74! Yay!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Relaxing, Yet Mentally Challenging Saturday :0)

After sleeping in late and cleaning the kitchen in our house during the morning hours, Saturday left Brad and I with no scheduled plans. That is a rarity and certainly more pleasurable than the GACE I endured for four hours last weekend. So we decided to venture out to Walnut Grove and take on yet another mentally challenging weekend task - navigating our way through a corn maze. This is our third corn maze in probably as many years. We did one in Cleveland GA at least two years ago at night when it was FREEZING!!! And last year we did one in Watkinsville with the youth at our church. This time it was just the two of us and it was cloudy, increasingly cloudy as we went through but we dodged any chance for rain and made it out of the maze together. We found all but two of the riddle answers in the maze and all of the picture rubbings. After getting out of the maze, we quickly went home to warm up and watch a classic film, Dead Poets Society. A really good Saturday for sure.

One of the Cutest Corn Cobs Around

Mrs. Corn Cob

Making Our Way Through the Maze of Maize

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am still here but just really busy. This past weekend I took the GACE for School Counseling. I felt really good about the essays but the multiple choice I waffled on some. The test actually included two exams, each with two essays and 60 multiple choice questions. I have already taken the PRAXIS and passed it and simply don't understand Georgia's need to do their own thing except for the GREEN money involved.

I had a fall break October 9th through the 12th. Brad went off and did a boy's retreat with the youth at church so my mom and aunt came to stay. We lived it up big and went shopping as well as eating at Urban Flats, and Chow Baby throughout the course of the weekend. I learned that neither my aunt or my mom can play Mario Kart. It was hilarious. And we divided up on the GA TN game because my aunt now resides in TN. She left happier than me.

Now we are looking ahead to Brad's birthday. He turns 32 a week from tomorrow. And then before you know it we will be making our way to Christmas and my birthday. Oh which brings me to my next exciting announcement.....Brad bought a new bass and as part of that exchange I was guaranteed a REAL Christmas tree for Christmas this year. Yay!! I had a real Christmas tree all my life before I met Brad. It just says Christmas to me through its wonderful smell. Additionally, our fake is really fake looking so I scored a real , genuine Christmas tree this year. YAY!