Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week One of School : Over!

I haven't blogged in awhile. I have been busy and the majority of my time has been spent in this place:

Yes, the first week of school. It is such an overwhelming force, even in this my seventh year of teaching. And even more silly sounding, is that I haven't taught at all this week. However, I have kept busy performing other duties. Most of Monday and Tuesday were spent escorting late registering students to their classrooms. Even with that extra push of students, our numbers are low. Much of the rest of the week was spent finding records at other schools for my TEN!! new FOCUS friends who have moved into Norton. I am really excited about this increase in students but dealing with other schools ( particularly DeKalb County) is not an easy experience. However, I am down to just one child lacking their records from their previous school ( Calling Houston County out here). I also spent the last part of this week lesson planning and getting ahead on my copy requests as well as preparing my materials for curriculum night. So I feel very prepared for the start of my classes Monday and I am so excited to see my students as the majority of them were mine last year. It is so wonderful to know they are excited too as I heard many times walking down the hall this week " Mrs Dillard when are we coming to FOCUS!??!?"

Another accomplishment I am proud of this week is that I hit the one month mark of my walking effort. In one month, I have walked every night with the exception of six. Three of those were due to weather.That is very exciting to me as schedules and lack of motivation often get in the way. Now here's hoping that this month ( Aug 13th - Sept 13th ) will see better or similar results.

Coming Monday : Pictures of my Brand New , Full Sized Classroom (Before my Nearly 60 students touch it)

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