Monday, October 26, 2009

A Relaxing, Yet Mentally Challenging Saturday :0)

After sleeping in late and cleaning the kitchen in our house during the morning hours, Saturday left Brad and I with no scheduled plans. That is a rarity and certainly more pleasurable than the GACE I endured for four hours last weekend. So we decided to venture out to Walnut Grove and take on yet another mentally challenging weekend task - navigating our way through a corn maze. This is our third corn maze in probably as many years. We did one in Cleveland GA at least two years ago at night when it was FREEZING!!! And last year we did one in Watkinsville with the youth at our church. This time it was just the two of us and it was cloudy, increasingly cloudy as we went through but we dodged any chance for rain and made it out of the maze together. We found all but two of the riddle answers in the maze and all of the picture rubbings. After getting out of the maze, we quickly went home to warm up and watch a classic film, Dead Poets Society. A really good Saturday for sure.

One of the Cutest Corn Cobs Around

Mrs. Corn Cob

Making Our Way Through the Maze of Maize


Britni said...

You guys are so cute!

The Rayburns said...

Looks like y'all had a good time :)