Thursday, May 20, 2010

Third Day in New York

So the third day temps dropped unexpectedly into dreary, windy 60's and both of us had only packed one long sleeved item - matching gray fleeces. This was the day that we headed far south and rode the subway. We navigated it well and made it down to the South Seaport where we could buy our discounted Broadway show tickets. We scored second row tickets to the musical Million Dollar Quartet. Then we walked through the South Seaport stores. There, we completed a Dillard must on a trip to anywhere - finding a Christmas ornament to commemorate the trip.

We also found a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. On a warmer day, Meredith might have been up for walking over to it for real. However, on this day, we settled for a nice picturesque view. From there we walked down the waterfront and made our way to Battery Park and the Staten Island Ferry area. When we got there, we found out that the crown of the Statue of Liberty was closed due to windy conditions. Therefore, we again opted for just a view of this tourist attraction. I had done the ferry on my previous trip.
So then we or I pondered what to do and where to go from Battery Park. This is a pic my charming husband caught of me thinking over what we should do.

We ended up walking through the downtown area on the Southside. We walked past Ground Zero and then headed to the Subway to jump on a train towards Little Italy for lunch. We ate lunch there at a coal over pizza place named Lombardi's. It was really good.

Afterwards, we rode a subway back into town. Our travels took us by some of the staples of New York tourism - Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, back to Toys R Us and H and M. While at Rockefeller Center, we went to the NBC store. We were hoping to schedule an NBC tour. This is the one thing we did wrong on this trip. When we got there, their tours were all booked up through Sunday AM, the day we were leaving. We probably could have done it but we wanted to make sure we got to the airport in plenty of time. There is always next time.

We wrapped up the day with beverages at Dunkin Donuts. The next day would be an early one.

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