Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Power of Prayer

Let me preceed this entry with the suggestion that if you havent read the previous post, you will be wondering about some of what I am talking about.

But on we go....

Granddaddy reported for surgery this morning at 6:30 and was supposed to go in for surgery at 8:30.

The doctors first paged my mom , Uncle Michael and Aunt Brenda at 10am. They were panicked because they thought that must mean something was wrong. Actually, the doctors just wanted to let them know that Granddaddy didn't go into surgery until a little before ten so it would be longer before they heard anything. Also, they shared that Granddaddy's vitals were very good going into surgery.

I called Mom at 12:50 pm and she said that the doctors had come out again and said that things were going well. His vital signs were still good too. They said if all went according to plan they would be in surgery for approximately two more hours. Then Granddaddy would be in recovery for two hours.

Mom just called at 1:40 and told me that Granddaddy is out of surgery. The doctor says that the surgery went well. He says if there is no interior bleeding (which could be a happening for anyone having this surgery) and they don't have to go back in to remedy that than Granddaddy will be in ICU for three days and then in the hospital for up to six after that. This is a serious surgery and he will be weak afterwards. Right now, the possibility that he will need to go to a rehab center after all of that is still out there. We will just have to see what each hour and then day brings us.

But for right now I am optimistic! Keep praying for my Granddaddy. This is just the first step to a long recovery.

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Katie Jones said...

I'm so glad your Grandfather came out of surgery well! Keep us posted on his recovery.