Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Step Closer to Being a Counselor ( If I Choose To)

On Tuesday, I received my PRAXIS scores electronically. While Georgia no longer recognizes the PRAXIS score as a certifying score, the University of West Alabama uses it as their comprehensive exam for the School Counseling and Guidance Masters program. Well, you need a 520 to meet the requirement and I got a 650! Yay!

I am very excited. Things are really coming together. Instead of taking the Georgia Certification Exam to get certified in Georgia, I am going to apply for counseling certification in Alabama and then apply for reciprocity. Anything to avoid taking another test.

Now all that stands between me and completing my degree is four more weeks of these two classes I am currently in ( educational research is NOT a favorite of mine) and then a 300 hour internship which my principal has allowed me to work on during summer school as well as during the course of this and next school year. By doing that I will get 90 hours out of the way this summer. Also a lot of the testing and meetings I give and conduct as a gifted teacher count toward counseling responsibilities as listed in the internship. So Masters degree ( and even better Masters level pay) here I come!

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