Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Birth of Comet

On Saturday, I tested the limits of sanity and took 14 fifth grade students to the Mall by myself. I did so in order to complete a project that I had approached my fifth grade FOCUS students about completing. A few weeks ago I had asked them how they would like to leave their mark on the school. While many ideas were tossed around ( time capsule, Hollywood Walk of Fame handprint display, building of a bench,,etc), we finally decided to build a bear to be placed in the library in their honor. Up until this year, our school mascot was the bear so it seemed fitting. We also decided to make a diploma to display next to him where all 18 fifth grade FOCUS students could sign their name and be immortalized. So I met 14 fifth graders at the mall on Saturday at 5pm and the birth of Comet, the bear(named for our new mascot) took place after that.

Trying to Pick Out Which Bear to Build

A Group Shot with the Very Flat Comet

All 14 children got to place a heart inside of Comet!

J and C helped the store employee shoot fluff into Comet

Then everyone including C got a chance to fluff and brush Comet

Then Comet got wardrobe help from C, T and J. What a dapper graduate!

The Final Product!

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