Friday, May 15, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Finale

WOW! That was incredible. I felt like the finale had me feeling the feelings that Meredith Grey was feeling especially when she discovered who the man hit by the bus was. Incredible!

May I just say that all of my shows ( Grey's, Private Practice and One Tree Hill) are leaving me with these emotional, medical finales and I am going to have a hard time til they all return in the fall.

Post a comment if you were sitting on the edge of your couch last night over Grey's or tell me what season finale has you trying to hit fast forward for next fall. :0)


Staceybby said...

Well, we definitely have the same taste in shows! Those are my top 3 favorites as well!! At least we get to see One Tree Hill tomorrow night! Grey's left me speechless. In fact, I'm going to watch it one more time since it's recorded!

The Rayburns said...

Well, I don't watch any of those (I used to watch Private Practice, so you'll have to catch me up. I quit watching when Violet didn't know who she was preggo by), but I am sad that a few others won't have new episodes any time soon...Amazing Race ended last week, as well as Big Bang Theory. NCIS has it's finale this week, and while I'm not on the edge of my seat, Mentalist has become a must-be-Tivo'd show as well that I really like. I Tivo these four shows, and that is my week's worth of TV, whenever we can get to it!

Last summer I came to enjoy Wipe Out nights - and Jer told me today that they start coming on again next week. Wipeout will definitely make you laugh, so I love it!