Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Loving Husband

After a bumpy and hectic week last week in terms of work and home, my weekend and current week are going really well. Why one might ask? Because of my loving husband, that is why :0) This weekend we escaped to the lake together where all we did was relax . We took walks, cooked out, canoed, played games , watched movies and just got to enjoy each other. It was very nice and a refreshing change of pace for a couple that stays busy. Thanks to my awesome inlaws for allowing us to go to their most awesome lake house.

And since I have been at work, my husband has still been as wonderful. It isn't that this is surprising or infrequent behavior but I just really appreciate it at this time because I am actively working on wrapping up the internship portion of my Masters Degree and along with it my portfolio. With all the stress of that major step and work going on, the extra attention and assistance at home sure is nice and goes completely noticed. We have walked together this week and he cooked dinner last night. Not only did he cook dinner, he set up a picnic in the backyard for us to share in as a break from article reviews for me. It was very pleasant and something I didn't expect on a Tuesday. Thank you to my husband for showering me with love and attention at this busy crossroads in my life. I love you!

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