Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Unexpected Vacation

So I was all ready for work Monday morning when we found out that school was delayed an hour and a half due to the flooding. There was no flooding here at our house but it had thunder stormed all night which meant Meredith didn't sleep well so I cooled my jets and took my time getting ready. Since school would now be letting the kids in at 9:15, I figured I would leave for work about 8am. Brad did the same.

On my way to work, Mom called me and said "Go back to bed. School is cancelled." I couldn't take her word for it so I called Brad and asked if he had heard it. He hadn't so I switched to WSB and started listening. They did say it. I called him back, and he said he was still going into work. I decided to call the school directly. I got my friend Pam on the phone and told her that I just had heard school was cancelled and asked if it was true. She said she had not heard that but given she was at work and hadn't even heard about the delay...she would check. I pulled over in to a neighborhood at this point. It took so long for her to answer me ( and I bet the million of other calls that came in) that I got disconnected. I called the school back and got a different secretary. She confirmed that yes, we were out. I happily and carefully turned around and went home. Brad worked half the day and came home.

I now understand why it was all so necessary to cancel school. At the high school I attended (also in Gwinnett), the flooding was so bad that 12 school buses were turned over and damaged and the road in front of the school washed away. Supposedly, at my high school's rival there is water in the building. Many bridges in Gwinnett were washed out. So here we are at the end of two days of flood days. I am sure we will use snow make ups to fix the miss. But it was nice to have a break and I thank God that things were not worse in our lives and send out warm thoughts for those who have lost loved ones or belongings. We just need to trust that God will provide the rain when we need it and will provide the provisions we need to get through the abundance of rain.

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