Friday, February 12, 2010


On what was supposed to be a holiday and then was taken from us as a snow makeup day, there was snow falling starting at about 1:00pm. I then stood in it for 45 minutes during car riders . It was pretty and I wasn't cold. Very festive. I came back to an email from my husband not to tell me to not play in it til he gets home.

Then I took Linda, my mother in law, home to her house where we built two miniature snowmen to welcome Mr Jack home and also had a snowball fight while cleaning the snow off the back windshield of my car. Once the snowballs stopped flying ( and we discussed that we should go to Colorado sometime soon for more of this fun), I left to go home.
And now here I am in Loganville and our house is in the middle of a winter wonderland. All the bushes and lawn is covered.
I love it and hope we get to play in it . However, I also hope that it clears up for us to go to Athens tomorrow to take in a basketball game that was part of Brad's Christmas present from me and we will go out to eat in town for Valentine's Day.

The back yard

My measuring.... at least an inch

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