Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekends are the Best

Work is very stressful right now so the weekends are the best. Plus last week and this week bring days where most are spent as a dinner of one. So when Brad and I get to see each other constantly over the weekends I relish in it. Friday night we made homemade pizza for dinner and watched Sunshine Cleaning on DVR. I also was given a just because present of the new Lady Antebellum CD. That was a really nice evening. .
This weekend brought another birthday rooted adventure. It took us to the Fox Theater. For Brad's birthday I purchased tickets to see the musical version of Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein. I had never seen the movie and usually turn it down when Brad offers. All I knew was my husband can do quite a few impressions that are apparently inspired by the movie.

So we headed to Atlanta around 11:30. We arrived at Mary Mac's around 12pm for a yummy Southern lunch where one waitress described the sweet tea as dessert. Brad and I usually get water to drink but we indulged. It was fabulous. We have been to Mary Macs before but it is such a treat every time. This time I got a veggie plate ( I always do) with cream corn, mac and cheese , fried okra and brunswick stew. Brad got fried chicken livers ( I don't understand it but he loves them) cream corn and mac and cheese. We each got our own dessert . Brad got peach cobbler and I got banana pudding. I had debated between that and peanut butter pie. I wish I had gone peanut butter pie route because the pudding was very sweet but not a lot of banana. Still, we had a great meal.

We left Mary Mac's under a cold sprinkle. We snagged $7 dollar parking and were at the Fox right when they opened the doors. We got to our seats which were in the center of the floor and on the aisle. Even better luck, while the theater was packed the two seats immediately in front of us were empty. That is joyous for a shorter person like myself. Brad really liked the musical and I found it humorous though it was painfully obvious I was in a crowd of fans of the movie. Brad seems to have enjoyed it because he has done some impressions since that afternoon.

From the Fox, we went on to struggle to find 85 N out of atlanta ( took 75 s at Howell Mill) and headed to Grandma's for bbq. My cousin Mark was in town from Texas for the weekend so we had a late Griswold Christmas. We both didnt have the stomach for much bbq but the company was great.

And so now I wait for next weekend - though it will be a day short on fun as a couple because Brad has a band gig on Friday. But Saturday we have time to keep Carter together and then eat dinner with my mom, and my sister.

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