Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break - Day One Friday April 2nd

I had a good first day of Spring Break. After a little bit of sleeping in, I got up and got ready to head to Grandma's. It was a furlough day for the senior center and with my Aunt and Uncle gone on their westward journey, I figured she could use the company. When I got there, my dad was there too. We enjoyed a lunch of Grandma's homemade fried chicken and then got put to work.

My grandfather used to have a major garden when I was growing up. Grandma would prepare all the veggies that Pa could produce for freezing and we would have great meals until the next garden could come around. Some summers while us grandkids were there, we would be put to work snapping, shelling and shucking. It was a neat experience and a memory that I treasure. The year after Pa died we all came together in South Georgia and made Grandma a garden. It was really hard work, tilling and plowing and planting but it meant a lot to do it in Pa's honor. The vegetables tasted that much sweeter that year because of all the labor we put into it. This Friday however, the garden is much smaller, and I really didn't dress for the work but my dad tilled while he made Grandma rake all the dead plants in to the soil. This is what it looked like.

After a good afternoon chat with Grandma, I headed back home. With a detour along the way. There is a Target and Belk in Bethlehem so I stopped there to pick something up for Brad's anniversary present. I called Mom on the way and she met me up there. While I was shopping for Brad, I did buy something for me. Remember how Reason #5 to be excited about Spring Break was flip flops .....well doesn't that mean that I should buy some new ones on Spring Break.

They are YellowBox brand and so cute and comfy . I highly recommend them. They are available at Belk and well at the Shoe Dept at Mall of Georgia.

After my shopping journey was over, I came home and spent time with my husband. We were going to have a California Pizza Kitchen White Pizza Frozen Pizza for dinner, but when I opened it, the toppings all slid off so I saved as much of that as I could . I added some spaghetti sauce, cheese, the remnant toppings and some bell peppers and some turkey pepperoni to the pizza. After that we relaxed. And that is what Spring Break is all about.

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