Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break - Saturday and Sunday

Saturday didn't start off low key but it was a low key day. Why did it not start out low key? It seems that two birds outside of our house did not get the memo that Spring Break is very exciting because people get to sleep in late. They began their week long journey of waking us up at 5:45 in the morning with their songs. Songs that would be pretty and happy at any other hour. Brad couldn't get back to sleep but I did my best to.

When we finally did get up, we watched a movie. We had tried to watch it Friday night but with little success. That is pretty typical around these parts. The movie we watched was The Family That Preys. It was very good. To be truthful, I really like Tyler Perry's movies. Very authentic about the family dynamic and experience.

We got ready to go afterward and went up to the Mall of Georgia. We got our wedding rings cleaned in celebration of our approaching anniversary on Monday and then went into the Mall. I had Chickfila for lunch (YUM!) and Brad got Chinese. We only ended up buying Anoraks at Old Navy for our trip to NYC. Sadly, they did not get packed so they will be going back to Old Navy. And to be truthful, I am sure we did more Saturday but I just can't remember. Oh the pains of being 29!

Easter Sunday came with take two of the birds and their morning song. Grr! Really any other time, I would think they are cute and want to support them in their mission of establishing a home but sigh, spring break. So since we were already up, we went to Early Service at Church rather than our usual 10:45 and attended Sunday School.

Once we got home, we prepared things to take to my Dad's. Then, we were on our way off to the Jefferson/Hoschton area to have a double dose of Easter - lunch with my dad and dinner with my mom. We had a light fare for lunch of quiche, salad, fresh fruit (that I brought) and breadsticks. There was also chocolate cream pie, cupcakes, and haystacks(thought crafted into birds' nests with jellybean eggs). While Jan made the cupcakes, I got to situate them each on their own private lawn of green coconut. After eating, we moved on to the lawn to play bocce ball. I brought our set up there and we had a good time playing. Grandma and her friend Henry would not play but seemed to have a good time spectating.

We (Brad, my sister Suzanne and her friend)left for Mom's after five. At Mom's, we had traditional fare. Ham, potato salad, green beans, baked beans. A special touch to the evening was that Mom found Nannie's strawberry cake recipe and made one for the event. Nannie passed away 13 years ago this June. She was my youngest grandparent and her mom outlived her. I miss touches of her like that strawberry cake, chocolate cake frosting, Christmas, the glue that she was for our family on that side. So it meant a lot that my mom attempted it and it was very good. After dinner, we just hung out. No games much to my dismay but we just chilled in front of the tv talking until we needed to head out because Brad had to be at work the next day. The Easter Bunny did visit us at Mom's though. He brought me Starburst jelly beans and Brach's Malted Milk Ball Eggs and Brad Reese's peanut butter eggs.
So while it was a busy Easter, it was a good Easter.

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Sarah West said...

Sounds like your Easter was a good one! Starburst jellybeans - yum! :)