Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Belly Shots

As my belly is becoming more and more evident around here, I thought I would share a progression of how it has gone since Week 8, when I started taking belly shots. Some weeks we get really busy ( hence the month of slowed blogging) and don't think to take a pic, but we are getting better.
Week 8 Week 9

Week 10

Week 11 Week 11/12Week 14

I am in Week 17 now. I have Week 15 and 16 pictures. I will post them soon. As far as weight gain is concerned, I was 104 pounds when the pregnancy started. At my May and June appointments, I weighed 107. I have my next appointment this Friday and expect I may have gained two to three pounds. I have been wearing all non maternity clothes to this point. I fear that may end soon in the pants department. We will see. Then a week from Thursday, we find out if this little Dillard is a boy or a girl. Exciting times!


Carrie Beth said...

I can't believe you are already 17 weeks! You look great and sounds like you are feeling great too. I can't wait to hear the news of boy or girl!

Jason, Erin, Ella, and Colin said...

I too am excited to hear if you are going to have a girl or a boy:) What a fun time!! Thanks for the tip about the Disney store...Ella has been asking for a "soft Pooh."