Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back at Work

It is Day Three with Kids and yet I have not seen any kids yet. All this week I am not to pull FOCUS kids. It is due to creating the schedule and allowing the students to get into a routine within their homeroom. It makes it where two things happen :

1) Teachers complain about the FOCUS schedule and I have to work miracles to find alternatives

2) I get a whole lot of planning done!

I love this new position. I will be serving 38 children total. I am not allowed to have more than 17 in the room at a time and my smallest grade level currently is second grade. I will only have 4 at once! This position is incredible. The best thing about it is that I am enjoying being a teacher again. I am actually enjoying planning things and seeing how everything ties together. I had lost that spark over the last few years due to the adult drama going on around me. For the first time in awhile, I can't wait to see my students! The fifth graders are the ones I am most excited to see as I have been with that grade level class the last two years since I looped with my homeroom from third to fourth. (It is certainly going to be hard to say goodbye at the end of the year) Overall, I am just happy to be doing what I am doing. Even though there is still a huge learning curve to come with testing and screening new children for the program, I enjoy myself so much that I am even finding myself staying late to work on things or bringing them home. I get to eat lunch with my fabulous mother in law everyday. The Specials team is awesome. I even enjoy car rider duty! God has really blessed me so far this year.

The weekend that led to this great week was fun too. I was a bridesmaid in my roommate from UGA's wedding. Jason and Nicole had been together the whole time I have known Nicole. Nine years, so this wedding was something I had waited for and was so happy to see happen. Everything went off without a hitch, and the newlyweds are currently in Hawaii....for two weeks! Not fair! I hope they are having a good time. It is even her birthday today. Here are two pics from the weekend -

Me with the Beautiful Bride

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Carrie Beth said...

Sounds like your school year will be a lot of fun. I hope next week with the kids goes just as well as you are hoping for!