Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Being Busy is Working So Far

I hate to say it in fear that I may jinx it but so far juggling the triple role of wife/teacher/student is working out. Classes for this eight week session of my Masters started yesterday and I have already completed two chapters of work. I am all caught up and ahead of where I need to be in lesson planning at work and I am loving teaching this year. Finally, the wife thing is of course the favorite role I play. Brad and I have been so enjoying our evenings together curled up on the couch watching the Olympics together. We also had a great time hosting Dad for dinner last night. Brad cooked hamburgers on the grill, we played bocce ball in the backyard and ate up pecan pie that Dad brought over. It is a good time to be a Dillard.

This week is coming up to its halfway point and we still have a lot left on our agenda for the week. Tomorrow we both have to go to county headquarters but at different times so we have to drive separate. My meeting is after work hours ( :0( ). Brad will head to church after work. Thursday night IBM is hosting a retirement dinner for Dad. Friday night we are attending a housewarming party for a friend. Then Saturday we are going to White Water (YAY!). We stay busy around these parts but like I said, it's working for us so far. God has given us the patience, strength of mind and grace to get through agendas like this like never before.

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