Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So Long Summer

Yes, summer is officially gone. I have been back at work officially for two days. So far, I am really enjoying it. So far I feel a lot more prepared than I usually do at this point. While I have no lesson plans and my covered with cloth by me alone bulletin boards are bare, I have a room that is completely organized and could take children at this point. I only stayed late Monday because I had to wait on Brad to come and move a filing cabinet. I usually stay all nights of preplanning for as long as the building stays open. Tomorrow I am going to a training and meeting session with all FOCUS teachers in the county and will become reacclimated with the curriculum which will get me more prepared to make lesson plans. It is all just going really smoothly. I have some great ideas that I am excited about and the chance of me seeing children next week is low. The best thing is my grade level is the best! I am a part of Special Areas, the home of a crazy mix of people. We are the Gifted teacher, music teachers, PE teachers,Science and Math Specialists, Counselors, Technology and some technology people. I like how no one is clicky and we all include each other. The last two days we have all gone to lunch and had a blast. Everyone has a nickname. I think they have decided mine is Dilly (which is cool because people called Brad that in high school). I like my hangout time with JD, McG,JMar and the rest. They are still working on a nickname for Sheila. I am looking forward to a much better year socially and professionally.

But as I get excited about the upcoming events of starting a new school year, I wanted to think back on the top five things about my summer:
5) This summer felt long for some reason and I feel much more refreshed than I usually do at this point so I am grateful for that.
4) I got a beautiful new car which was a big deal for me as I often refuse to spend money on myself and it was an opportunity I afforded myself by being responsible with my money since college.
3) I got to see Sarah and Jen ( along with Emma Grace)which always makes me feel good. This is an exciting time for all of us as God has blessed us with exciting life events simultaneously and it is so exciting to see how He has touched our lives so we can enjoy it together. New homes, new husbands and new baby= fun times.
2) I became an aunt with the most beautiful nephew in the world. Keeping up with him is such a fun and new experience. He is changing and growing all the time. Every chance that we get to interact with him gives me a peek into what Brad and I have to look forward to in the future as parents. Plus, I look forward to getting to know his personality. He is already smiling.
1) I had a whole month solid with my husband to build a deep foundation of quality time together. Our trip to San Antonio was such an awesome opportunity for us to just be immersed in us. I hope we make a point of finding times to be immersed during work times. Things can sometimes get crazy , but my marriage is my priority.
And as we bid farewell to summer, we also bid a final farewell to Chester. My Escort sold last night at the price of $1540. I was sad but didn't cry. However, there is an interesting side story that some of you will be party to at some point.

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