Thursday, June 25, 2009

High School "Reunion"

Having graduated from high school in 1999, it was time for a high school reunion. The Class of 1999 Parkview Panthers reunited this past Saturday. However, the most relevant and important parts of that graduating class to me were not going to be present so we, my two best friends from high school Jennifer and Becky and myself, scheduled our own reunion for tonight. We met at a Cuban American bistro called Mojito's in downtown Norcross, just a block or less from where Jennifer and I took our dates for Senior Homecoming. It was the first time that we all three had been together in three years. Becky and I both headed for Rome, Georgia when we left Parkview - me for Shorter and she for Berry. Therefore, freshman year we were very close but Jennifer left us for North Carolina. Then I transferred to UGA and Becky and I didnt see each other as much but Jennifer transferred to UGA. We saw each other once or twice. But it was time to come back together again. It felt good to see each other and share how we were doing. We found ourselves to all look the same as we did in high school and working successful jobs. Jennifer just got married and lives in Norcross. Becky lives in Decatur.
It was fun to reminisce on our times together. We were in Chorus all four years of high school. Two years in a row we won the best friendship award at the end of year banquet for Chorus. We passed a notebook between ourselves in the halls of Parkview to write notes in to keep ourselves in the classes we didn't have together. We had a set Friday ritual that involved going to Mellow Mushroom and ordering the very same pizza, picking a movie out at Blockbuster, going to someone's house with the movie and Reese's Pieces and falling asleep to South Park. We had good times on Chorus trips to Asheville, Monday afternoons at Chick-fil-a, singing at Baccalaureate and so much more.
We plan to make getting together a monthly thing. Next month we will head to Decatur ( I love Decatur) and then they will venture deep into the suburbs to see me in Loganville.

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