Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blessings Abound

I am blessed with a really close relationship with my family and with three very dear best friends, Nicole, Sarah and Jennifer. The sad thing is that most of these people live very far away. Nicole lives in Atlanta, Sarah lives in Commerce and Jennifer lives in Forsyth. Therefore, when we do get together it is so powerful and reenergizes me completely. It makes me love the times we have together and makes them all that more significant. However, I have prayed for a long time that I would have a friend who lives locally to do things with at the drop of a hat. And God has answered that prayer.

Our church got a new youth pastor in February and his wife, Michelle is wonderful. From Day One when we took the youth to indoor putt-putt ( and beat our husbands), I knew we would be good , fast friends. We are both kinda perfectionists, have a soft spot for ice cream and have the guilty pleasure of liking Days of Our Lives among many other things. We are also both teachers. So we had plenty in common but we had to be patient because she stayed in Alabama to finish off the school year while Brian lived over here, beginning the mission of youth pastoring at Chestnut Grove. In that time, our husbands have formed a "bro"mance of sorts, playing in the praise band together and enjoying similar senses of humor. Now that Michelle is here, we went on our first double date last night - Bowling and On the Border. The girls were "blessed" with good bowling games ....I did a unMeredith bowl of 104 in the first game and a 124 in the second. Wow. It was so fun. Here are some pics :

It just felt good to have a friend that is around my age and is local.

But the blessings just keep coming because today we found out that she is going to be teaching fourth grade at my school, Norton! So happy. We have been working so hard to find her employment and now we will be working together. God is very good and I am looking forward to our time together. Now I have three fabulous best friends who I love with all of my heart and a new friend to get to know and do those special five minute later activities with.

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