Friday, January 8, 2010

Parents of a Teenager

On the first Sunday of the New Year, we came home from church as parents. Parents of a teenager. Our associate pastor and his wife have guardianship of their fourteen year old granddaughter and she attends the high school less than a mile from our house. Since they were going on a trip for their anniversary, we stepped up to take care of her this week. It has been extremely fun and a nice window into what we might be like as parents. I am happy to report on today, our last day of parenting we have stuck together and been united in all of our decisions about Madison and what to do. I have enjoyed having a "daughter' which is nice because I have always thought I would probably prefer at least one son. Here is a summary of what we have done with our daughter and some pictures of our adventures last night during Madison's first time making cookies:

Sunday - We went from church to eat lunch with a lot of the youth and Brian and Michelle. Then we came home and played Wii. After, Brad and Madison went to a youth gettogether while I went grocery shopping.

Monday - Brad and I had to work so Madison went to hangout with her boyfriend and his family. They came home around 5pm and we had spaghetti for dinner. We played Scrabble and Loaded Questions as a "family". She always sends herself to bed at 10pm.

Tuesday - Madison didn't wake up to her alarm but still managed to get ready on time to not make Brad late to work. Brad had practice that night so I picked Madison up at her house and we went to eat a Mexican dinner, picked up a pint of Ben and Jerry's. We watched a Sandra Bullock double feature since that is her favorite actress. In between movies, we had our ice cream.

Wednesday - We went to school and work. We went to church . We came home and she shared her essay with us she wrote for school. We made plans to do something special for Thursday since it was her last night with us.

Thursday - We went to school and work. I picked her up as it was snowing and we were so excited, maybe me more than her. We picked up the basic needs of cheese, chocolate chips and baking soda in case we were snowed in ( j/k). We were making chocolate chip cookies from scratch and having one of her favorite dinners - cheeseburgers. Madison had told us that she only cooks cereal and ramen noodles. This was a fun experience as a family where I just read the directions and let her do everything. Brad took pictures and played 80's music and we all danced in the kitchen. We watched the Proposal, another Sandra Bullock picture. And we went to bed hoping the snow that had fallen would keep us here.

Friday - It is 11:27am and our "daughter" is still in the bed. We visited her room at 5:40 am to tell her we had no school. Whenever she gets up, we might venture out in the snow some. Then she is headed to her friend Brittany's house to spend the next two nights before Deb and Denny come home Sunday. Update - We did play in the snow ( for less than five minutes....this was totally a dusting....we should be at school) and now we are computering and watching her favorite show CSI

This has been fun. I would like to make cookies with my daughter one day if we should be so blessed as to have a girl. We have inside jokes me and her. She and Brad have had some laughs together. We have done things together as a "family." She has been respectful and responsible, which is not surprising because we know her but it has been fun to watch and be proud of.

Some of our inside jokes: "oh...ok" "give me three choices and I will decide" "termites"

Some pics of the cookie making experience:


Carrie Beth said...

Sweet! It sounds like you all went above and beyond to make her feel welcomed in your home. You're going to make great parents someday. :-)

Christina said...

You don't need a daughter to do girly things. This is a lesson I had to learn as an adult, since I came from an all-girl household like you. Carter likes carrying dolls, pushing dolls in strollers, vaccuuming and having tea parties (but he also likes trucks, tools and football). And Jack always shared Hallmark trips and chick flicks with his mom. :)

P.S. It may not be as cold here as it is at home, but it's way too cold to be outside! The wind chill is 35, and Carter and I have already exhausted the indoor activities available at the resort . . . I'm hoping he takes a four-hour nap. Ha!

Sarah said...

Looks like you guys had fun! :)