Friday, January 8, 2010

Shortened Summary of the Rest of the Sickness

Since it is a new year, I should just get on with mylife and not look back and dwell on the fact that I was sick on my birthday but here is a brief synopsis of the rest of what happened:

Dec 29th - My mom came over and we celebrated Christmas by having time for me to open my presents. I was wearing my glasses because the "sty" was still bothering me but I took them off for what turned out to be a nice photo opp. We went out to Chinese food for lunch with my sister where I only got soup and hot tea for lunch. We then went to Kohl's and Belk where I showed little interest in shopping ( I should have known something was wrong) and returned back to the house to play Wii and open birthday presents ( had to separate Christmas and birthday somehow). Overall, for both occasions I got a lot of beautiful clothes , mostly from my favorite store the Loft and a UGA Early Childhood Education Graduation dog statue. When my company left, I was "barking" pretty badly.

Dec 30th - The 29th birthday. I woke up late. I felt bad still and finally caved and went to the doc in the box. While they pulled me into a room quickly and did the normal weighing ( 104 lbs!) andblood pressure check, it took forever for a doctor to come in. I have been here before for a complaint of a sore throat and left being harassed for possibly having an eating disorder so I was hoping one particular Dr.would not walk in. He didn't and the man who did was very nice but he told me " You just have to look at you to tell you don't feel good. " He diagnosed me with a sinus infection and told me that the bacteria that had caused that had led to my conjunctivitis in BOTH eyes. Wow! So we left and headed to the pharmacy and another and another. It took forever for us ( Brad was alone on the last leg of the journey) to find the eyedrops that were prescribed and some pharmacies did a really poor job of working with us, not understanding why I didn't want to wait two days to get them. Once we got home, I opened my presents from Brad. He had had them set up all day and did such a great job. I will write an entry about that later because it deserves it. Dad and Jan came over and we had take out Sonny's BBQ and played Wii Sports Resort before calling it an early night. I got a dustbuster for my birthday and a lot of bath and body works stuff the house and the car.

Dec 31st - Brad went and helped his parents put away Christmas decor and I slept a lot on the couch. Still , some of the meds I was on were strong and ended up making me run for the bathroom to heave and throw up a couple of times. Our New Years was small. Brad had left overs from Sonny's and I had some chicken brunswick stew he brought from his parents' house. It was good but I was a little timid on the eating due to the earlier problems. We took all the ornaments off the tree. We watched The Ugly Truth and then we tuned in to Rockin New Years Eve and cheered in the New Year with sparkling apple cider. We then went to bed.
The Rest of the Break - We enjoyed each other's company so much. We took it easy, watching Four Christmases and gradually putting away Christmas stuff. Work started back up the first Monday of the year.

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