Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Redo

As has been documented on the blog, I was sick for my birthday. So yesterday, Brad and I took the opportunity to do what we would have done if I had been well.

We woke up early like the adult I have turned into should do on a Saturday and took the Honda in for an oil change. This wasn't necessarily part of the festivities. However, it did lead to the first part which was a Chick-fil-a breakfast. Brad and I were at breakfast before eight o'clock. It was good. I love Chick-fil-a biscuits but are up and available so rarely to get a chance to enjoy it.

From Chick - fil - a we stopped by Brad's parents' house to have his dad listen to a noise the truck was making. While there, I got my birthday present from his parents. I got some Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath and Body Works stuff and money. So birthday redo was in full gear with both a birthday breakfast and presents.

Then we went to another car place to have them listen to the truck. They decided it was the muffler. So we got the Honda from the Honda dealership and headed to the Chevy dealership. Once all the car stuff was taken care of, the birthday festivities resumed.

Brad and I got dressed and ready for an evening on the town in Athens. I wore a new Loft sweater and jeans that Mom got me for Christmas. He wore a new Banana Republic shirt Mom got him for Christmas.

We went to the Beechwood theater where we were pleasantly surprised to find the matinee tickets to be $6.50. The movie we saw was The Blind Side which was wonderful. We then ventured into downtown and ate at Five Star Day Cafe. I got the Garden of Eatin'. That is their veggie plate and as unbalanced as it was my selections were baked beans, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. The plate came out with blackeyed peas instead of baked beans so they let me keep the fourth veggie for free. I now have enough leftovers for two days of lunch at work. Brad got the special which was a pasta with meat sauce and blackeyed peas. After dinner, we walked into Starbucks and walked through downtown with our hot beverages and back to the parking deck.

While we were back in Loganville before nine thirty, we certainly had a good time and it definitely put a more positive spin on the 29th birthday.

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Anne said...

Five Star Day is my favorite...mmmm!