Thursday, June 12, 2008

Carter's First Picture with Aunt Meredith and Uncle Brad

We had another great visit with Carter, Christina and Jack today. I actually got there before Brad. Once the mattress was delivered, I headed to the hospital and managed a 1:50 arrival. Apparently, I wasn't the only one with an itch to see the cutest baby in the world.:0) I was met at the door by Carter's Aunt Alecia, Grandma Cindy and greatgrandmother. We got to witness his footprints being made. He is still is pretty content. Tomorrow should bring the big trip home. I decorated over at the house when I went to go check on Marley tonight. Marley is our fuzzy Pomeranian nephew. I don't think he quite understands why Mommy and Daddy are not at home, and all the change that is going on. He will find out soon enough but if he is like all the rest of us, he will think it is the best change that has happened in a long time.

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