Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Love Having My Hubby Home with Me!

The beauty of having a husband that works in the school system is that we get a lot of the same breaks. We can truly appreciate this because we know the other side. Brad worked for a small chain of banks when we started dating, so we know what it is like to run completely different schedules. I definitely prefer the TST schedule. Brad is a Technology Support Technician at another elementary school in Gwinnett County. His last day of being a TST until July 28th was Thursday. We have had SOOOOOO much fun since then.

Thursday - We met at Best Buy and bought me a new camera. We then went to the last night of Sports Camp where we had 2 saved and 5 rededicated. Finally, we wrapped that day up by going to see the midnight screening of the new Disney Pixar film WALL-E. I have never gone to see a midnight movie. It was so fun and WALL E is such a good movie. A robot love story with good humor.

Friday - We woke up early and went and bought my new car. I am the proud owner of a new 2008 Honda Accord LX. It is beautiful. I felt so safe in it and sure that it was going to get everywhere ( even though I have only driven it ten miles) compared to Chester. Then we left with Brad's parents to go to their lakehouse for the weekend. We cooked out steaks and they were so good.

Saturday - We spent the day soaking up the rays at the lake. Brad and Mr. Jack fished, the whole family played games and well it stormed. It almost stormed out our Eatonton experience with the Jimmy Buffett cover band A1A. The concert was fun and we all had fun dancing the night away.

Sunday - We had a breakfast of muffins and a morning of SkipBo . Brad caught his first fish at the lakehouse before we left. We came home and took a nap. Tonight we watched a movie and are prepping for our journey to San Antonio. We leave Wednesday.

Brad and I hope to go to dinner and bowling with Dad tomorrow and then to see Carter, Christina and Jack Tuesday. We will also be jazzing Chester up in an effort to put him up for sale. If anyone knows someone who would like an eleven year old Ford Escort, then please let me know :0).

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