Sunday, June 22, 2008

Haven't Blogged in Over a Week

I haven't blogged in over a week. I don't know why. I am on everyday, checking into the happenings of my friends and family. I guess I just don't feel like anything SUPER interesting has happened this week. I think I judge interesting by how many pictures I can post in relation to what I am posting. Right now, that is none because sadly ( and for those who really know me, you know how truly sad this is) my camera met an untimely death on Friday night. The memory card seems to have survived but the camera didn't. Sigh. There is definitely a replacement in our future soon because our San Antonio trip is approaching quickly. Still, the Griswold in me says a financial ouch over it.
What has happened in the last week or so?
- I went and stayed with Carter and Christina on Jack's first day back to work Tuesday. That was fun. My nephew and I had plenty of quality time together. His hair got washed for the first time and he was awake for a notable amount of time. There would be several cute pictures if the camera hadn't died.
- I got my name changed at Social Security. Halfway to being officially Meredith Griswold Dillard. Now I just have to go to the DMV.
- Sadly, my dad got laid off from IBM. He has thirty days to find another job within the company or he will be placed on retirement. He has been eligible for retirement for five years and we have played this game before ( I was in sixth grade and we almost moved to North Carolina for a new IBM job and then tada, here's another job in Atlanta), but the economy scares me these days. Pray that God's will is done in this matter.
- We are getting really close to purchasing my new car. I am super excited.
What is happening this week?
- Sports camp at church- This is always fun. Brad and I get to serve in different capacities but together all week. This year he will be handling registration for two days and basketball for two days. I am on the same job all four days. I get to lead the choreography of gestures for the rising second and third graders worship rally each day. Pray that these kids not only gain knowledge about the sports they are practicing but allow God to come into their hearts. We had 20 kids saved at VBS this year , and I know this camp can be a success in God's honor as well.
- A new camera, a new car, Carter, camp...... Cookie Monster was right! The letter C is good.

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