Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Miss My Blog!

Wow! It has been too long since I blogged. A week actually seems like a long time. That is because this week has been FULL of Masters work. I just completed a ten page paper that was nothing but a busy work assignment. I had to provide an intense summary of the first nine chapters of the book. Since it was a busy work assignment, I put it off til today. It is due tomorrow. All week I have been reading the boring book I had to summarize. Next week should be less work even though it is midterms. This is because in light of it being midterms I have no reading to do. One of my midterms will be sent to me on Monday and is due the following Sunday. The other one will be sent to me Saturday and is due by the end of Saturday. So while I won't have an exciting Saturday next weekend, I will have a less hectic week.

I am still loving my job. Yesterday I actually had a cookie decorating party with my favorite group of third graders. They were so into decorating their two cookies and were so appreciative of being given the party as a reward for their good behavior in FOCUS for the month of August. Then we watched a Wallace and Gromit short. It was so precious how deeply engaged they were in that film. We have a great time when we are together.

In the personal life, Brad and I celebrated five months of marriage yesterday. We went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and had ice cream at Marble Slab. It was fun. My husband is being the most supportive force in my educational endeavors. He has cooked dinner every night this week, done laundry, washed dishes, acknowledged it was our five month anniversary before I remembered and even went to the grocery store. I am blessed to have someone in my life that will afford me these conveniences so that I may make these steps forward in my education.

Overall, life is good. Sometimes the Masters thing just takes over a little too much. Other things that I have missed as a result of being too consumed with Masters work:

* A haircut....I need one badly
* Carter.... Brad saw him yesterday and I didn't.
* My mom....I think it has been a month since I saw her
* My friends... Although I happily saw Sarah at the John Mayer concert last week, I miss most of my friends and have been missing them for a while. Jen....Nicole.... it has been too long.
* A decent night's sleep
* Jogging


Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Hang in there! It will be over before you know it:) It is great that Brad is so supportive!!

The Rayburns said...

Hang in there! It gets better - I promise!! Did you get my last email about dates?