Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jeans....not a Girl's Best Friend

Due to the generosity of a fellow colleague, I have been able to wear jeans to work every daythis week. Teaching is usually a Friday Only Jeans Setting. However, we are having a Dress Down for the Cure Week to raise money for our Relay for Life team and Suzi very generously paid for my participation. This has caused a problem because I only have one pair of jeans I can fit into right now. This means there is a lot of washing going on at the Dillard house. Yesterday, I tried to solve that problem.

I had a 30 % off coupon so I went to Kohl's. I picked up size 5 and 5 shorts in the Juniors Dept, 2 Petite and 4 Petite in the the Petite section and a 4 in the Misses department. Not to mention a various selection of different brands. Here is a little recap:
2 Petite - Too tight, the right length
4 Petite - Fits in the rears and thighs but too long
5 - Fits but way too long
5 Short - Too tight ( does that make sense when a five fits?) but right length
I was very frustrated by the time I left the store. I almost purchased a pair of Levis that was a 3 short and fit but I decided they weren't really what I wanted. I prefer a dark wash and the Levis weren't that. I have been through this frustration recently at Old Navy too. The styles that they offer in the store in a short length ( don't even get me started on how it is discriminating against short people that I have to pay extra money to get jeans they make but don't offer in the store...sizes 1 and 2 Short) don't fit me in the hips and thighs but then the styles that fit me in the store and I decided I would be willing to pay extra for by purchasing online, they don't even offer online at all. AHHH.......
I have said for a long time now that the woman who ventures out and decides to size female clothes the way they do mens' with a width and length measure would be a millionaire, and I am more convinced of that more than ever now. It is ridiculous to assume that two women that are the same waist size are automatically the same height. It truly feeds into the negative body images that teenagers ( and me in my late twenties) suffer from. I have gained some width since I got married but I still weigh the same and I would be okay with that except the clothes manufacturers don't think I should be able to find pants short enough for me if I get wider. My last efforts to find jeans is going to be this Saturday with my mom as we go through the Avenue or the Mall of Georgia looking in Aeropostale ( I have had luck with them in recent years and better yet they are $20 on sale), New York and Company ( I have a 30% off coupon) and Ann Taylor.
Sorry to rant. It just gets me a little sad and frustrated. If anyone has any suggestions, then they are welcome :0)


Stacy said...

I hate clothes shopping.. and I need new pants/jeans.. I guess I'll be sharing your frustrations soon..
Although I am jealous of your tinyness.. :(

The Rayburns said...

I hear you! I've lost count of how many stores I've been in and how many pairs of jeans I've tried on trying to find a pair with the right proportions! Good luck! ;)

Katie Jones said...

This is why I have two pair of jeans. One's a little tight, but they feel good by 10:00 am after they've stretched a little. So, just don't look at me between 8:00-10:00 or you might see a little of the muffin top. The other is a little too big, but I just like the fact that everyone asks me "Have you lost weight?" when I wear them. I've NEVER had good luck at Old Navy in jeans. Hope you find some good ones!

cdillard said...

Last time I needed jeans (pre-maternity), it took me two years to find a pair that fit the way I wanted. Yes, two years. And within six months, I was pregnant. ;-) I've also found there's a range of three or four sizes that might be my "perfect" fit, depending on the specific pair. Hang in there.