Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Victory!

Yesterday my mom and I headed out to the Avenue at Webb Gin to go shopping. We hit Aeropostale first and that is where we celebrated our first victory in the battle against jeans. While I tried on several pairs with much success, I ended up with a pair of 3/4 short and a 1/2 short curvy. They are the exact jeans, but they fit differently. The 1/2 curvy short actually fits looser than the 3/4 but I don't mind because that gives me a great, big ego boost! My mom was just happy that something worked because she didn't want to hang out with a grumpy Meredith!
Overall, at Aeropostale I bought two shirts and two pairs of jeans for $60. Really great deals.

Then we mozied down to Gap which was having a big sale. While I tried on many things, the only thing that managed to come home was a significant find: a pair of black dress pants on clearance for $18. They are a size 2 and are actually short enough I can wear flats with them! Unheard of.

The rest of our day centered around a venture to Yankee Candle Co. Mom bought some pretty autumn candle holders and spice scented candles, a light lunch at Doc Green's and a quick trip into Kirkland's and DSW. Kirklands was full of great holiday items, both Halloween and Christmas. I especially fell in love with a little scarecrow man with a pumpkin face but at $40 I couldn't justify purchasing him.

Overall, it was a great day with my Mom and I scored a victory in the battle against the pants manufacturers.


The Rayburns said...

yea! good for you!

Stacy said...

i love yankee candle.. :) I'm an addict to their candles..