Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I haven't blogged in awhile so I thought I would. Currently, my life is full of Masters work. Next week is the last week of the first fall session. I currently have a 100 in one class and a 98 in the other. I just finished a powerpoint that wasn't due til Thursday. It feels good to be done early. I now have one final due this Sunday and another that I have to request to have sent to me. That one must be completed that same day and must be completed by next Friday. I also have to write up my cultural immersion project. Sigh. I can do it though.

On the work front, I had a first. Today was the second day of school pictures and I opted not to have my picture made. It wasn't automatic like it usually is since I didn't have a class to take. It will be the first year I won't be featured in the yearbook. It is sad but I am in a horrible hair phase right now. I work really hard to curl my hair each morning and by thirty minutes into my day, it looks like I haven't done anything. I think I am done rocking this haircut. I started this one last Labor Day. It is the haircut I had when Brad proposed ( a year ago this coming Sunday), when I started my Masters, got my new job, got married ( though you couldn't tell that day) but it isn't working for me right now. I am thinking a bob or something a little bit longer and with less maintenance. We will see. Like Jennifer Aniston with short hair in the later year of Friends maybe? This picture isnt exactly what I am thinking but it is a bob.

Then on the home front we had a first last night. I made our first pot of chili for the fall last night. I love chili . It is so simple yet so satisfying. Dad and I used to eat it over noodles or rice. Now Brad and I eat it with cornbread and I tend to make it spicier than Dad. We had a picnic in the bonus room last night and watched our slew of Monday night programming ( Dancing with the Stars, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes and One Tree Hill) as we savored the warm goodness of cold weather foods. It was a great time. I can't wait til it actually gets cold and we can take the chili out on the back patio to eat in the cool by citronella candle light like we did last year. There is nothing like it. Tonight we reheated chili and had it with baked potatoes. Later this week, my hubby will be able to enjoy chili dogs. Another good thing about chili...it is plentiful.

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The Rayburns said...

Leftovers are awesome when you are working on your master's work!