Friday, October 31, 2008

Dont Count Me Out.....

I have not blogged in over two weeks and that makes me really sad! I actually have a lot of really good blog-worthy material to post. Our trip to Savannah, Brad's birthday and carving our first pumpkin together. However, sometimes the mechanics get in the way. Here's how:

1)I am really busy with my Masters. I don't know why I feel so much more overwhelmed as I am starting to wind down the program ( only 9 more hours of classes after this term) but it is that way right now. So that means time is a problem.
2) We don't have an internet active computer at home so in order to do the blog I must take my work computer home or bring my camera and cable to work. Sometimes I am not mentally present enough to do that.

Despite these problems, I will be taking my computer home this weekend to work on Masters work so I will strive to make updates.

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