Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As Sarah Was Saying in Her Blog....

Spring Break is Over :0(

And with that being the case, CRCT starts today. I am proctoring for two students who have accommodations that allow for the test to be read to them except for the reading passages and more time. While I am not sure that I am going to appreciate the monotony of this testing process, I know my internship will. I have to clock 300 hours to be done. I only have been at it for a month and I already have 54 hours and 35 minutes. This is because I do a lot of psychological and educational testing to get children into the FOCUS program. It carries over nicely to one area of the internship. And with the CRCT taking a normal class testing setting 2 hours, I am thinking I may get three hours a day out of this for five days......wow. I will be very happy.

Happy is also how I feel when I think about how school gets out for the kids in a little over a month. The last day for students is May 20th. The last day for adults is May 22nd and two days after that I will be on a big Royal Carribbean boat sailing away. While I will be up here during summer school to serve as summer school counselor, it will still be nice to get away for a while.

Keep watching the blog for when I complete the posting of pics from Gatlinburg.

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