Friday, April 3, 2009

Getting Away When the Days Seem to Be Doing the Same

We have made it to Greenville and it is so nice to be on Break. At school today, it truly did not feel like this was the day leading into Spring Break ( no matter how much I have longed for the day to get here) and in looking at the PTA calendar at work....the rest of the year will fly by. With all the dates consumed by the CRCT, it will take us to about the end of April and then with the Annual Drum Show and Fifth Grade Play....there are not many days left.

But enough about work..... :0)

We made it here about 7:00pm. It is a little cooler up here. Our hotel is in walking distance to Don Pablo's and a restaurant named Copper River. We opted for the latter because Don Pablo's seemed a lot like what we could get at home at On the Border. The wait when we got to the Copper River was stated to be 50 minutes but I think we made it to a table in 30. I ordered my first ever steak at a restaurant and it was pretty good. Their house salad was very good , topped with almonds, bacon, tomato and egg. Now we are back in the room and stuffed.

Our plans for tomorrow include the zoo, Falls Park on the Reedy and eating dinner at The Overlook Grill . Then Sunday, the one year of marriage mark. Yay!

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