Thursday, December 31, 2009

Independence Bowl

Though I had been running a temperature on the 27th, I felt much better and was fever free on Dec 28th. So it seemed like a good idea to attend an Independence Bowl Viewing Party with our third family - the Sosebees. The Sosebees are our good friends Nan and Daniel. And their parents, Dan and Jan. Plus the younger brother Dustin. And what Sosebee party is complete without the Johnsons and the Machens. This is the same crowd we traveled to Destin with in July and we always have a good time together whether it is to watch 24, play trivia at Old Towne Tavern or to cheer on the Dawgs.

Brad and I arrived right in time for the beginning of the first play. I was a little hesitant about attending in my glasses as I was still tending to what was thought to be a sty (more on that later) and wearing my contacts was not an option. Still, my family welcomed me with open arms. We had a good time and the Dawgs played equally with the Aggies. We had a secret weapon in our corner, Dumplin. Dumplin is Nan and Daniel's Maltie Poo and she was dressed accordingly for the game.

After the first half of play ( and nothing too spectacular from either team), it was time for a chili dinner. We all ate and conversed. The food was great and the desserts were plentiful. In fact there was even Meredith birthday dessert. My wonderful friend Nan made one of my favorites - red velvet cake - into cupcakes to celebrate my birthday. Dustin even serenaded me with his guitar as Happy Birthday was sung. How special!

We stayed throughout the whole game and were happy with the victory. We then played the new game of Things. Finally, probably too late, we headed for home. Thanks Sosebees for a lovely time and thanks dawgs for a good finish to a not so good year!

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