Thursday, July 10, 2008

We are Back from Texas, Well I Am

We made it back from San Antonio. Our flight came in at about 9:15 pm Tuesday night. By the time Dad picked us up and got us back to our truck at his house, we didn't make it home til 11:30pm or so ( 10:30 to our Texa time oriented bodies).

The trip was amazing. While it rained more than I anticipated ( I went with KDE in college and don't remember it ever raining), the rain didn't put a damper on our travels at all. It was so nice to travel together again. Sea World in San Antonio was so impressive. I think I liked it better than Orlando. The zoo was only $9 per person and had so vast a collection of animals that it puts Atlanta's zoo to shame. We saw some beautiful Victorian homes and walked the amazing River Walk area daily. There were incredible missions built in statement of huge religious faith. We went to Schlitterbahn, the best waterpark in the world according to the Travel Channel ten years running. Some of the best things about San Antonio would have to be the traffic (or lack there of), friendliness of the people, lower levels of humidity, historic value and the food. We ate some incredible Tex Mex, Southwestern, steaks, BBQ!!!, and ice cream. It was fabulous. I was even the guest of the day at our hotel upon our arrival. We got a free pay per view movie, refreshments for the room and Hilton memorabilia for that. Anyone looking for a unique vacation experience should definitely consider San Antonio. It is not the beach and not the mountains. Even though it was my second time going, I could've easily stayed entertained even longer than the 7 days we were there. Pictures will come. (They were going to come now but I am afraid with the new camera that I may delete all the images when I try to upload them directly from the camera to the blog. So wait in anticipation for those pics early next week.)

As the title says, I am back from Texas. Brad was back ( I didn't leave him there), but he left with the youth today to go to Jacksonville, FL. He will come back on Sunday. I was invited to go chaperone as well ( they were even going to allow us to stay in the same room without youth)but I am going to have TONS of bridesmaid fun this weekend having a spend the night party with Nicole following a day of a test run of her wedding day hair and H&M shopping ( a store she introduced me to on our trip to New York in '06) and leading into her final bridal shower Sunday. Nicole and I lived together all three years I was at UGA so I am so looking forward to this, (probably) our last chance to have a girl's spend the night party without planning around husband departure on both ends. It is the ending of an era. So therefore, Chestnut Grove Hits Jacksonville had to do without Meredith this year.

Though I know we will both have great fun this weekend and I love the healthy space we give each other by having separate interests and events, it is still hard to have Brad out of the house. It was our three month anniversary of being married while we were in San Antonio. That is so hard to believe. Time has really flown! But it has all been so great. After weathering what I have in my past, what God knew I needed to go through to grow closer and more dependent on Him and to make me stronger, I know how lucky I am to have such an incredible man in my life. We have grown so much in the nine months since he proposed and the three years ( July 31st) that we have been together. I am so blessed to have been given such a wonderful gift and faith that is only strengthened by the presence of Brad in my life. God is good.

My Favorite Engagement Picture Taken A Month After Brad Proposed

Three Months Ago On The HOneymoon

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The Rayburns said...

So glad y'all had a good time in Texas! Is it really almost the middle of July??? The summer is going by way too fast and has just about gotten away from me....we need to plan a get together before school starts back. Let's start looking at dates...

I'm waiting to hear the name of the new car? Is Chester's replacement a male or female? ;)