Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blog About the Jog

It is 12:15 AM and I am at my computer blogging....and I thought I couldn't get into this.

I am blogging to announce I jogged tonight. Why is this a big deal? I don't run. I run for no one. I often am quoted as saying " I am not going to run unless I am running away from something/something is chasing me." I have never run. I can walk all day long....I could probably tap dance for miles, but running has never been me. Why you might ask? I attribute it to two things:

1.) My boyfriend in the third and fourth grade, Brandon (who is still a dear friend, I went to his wedding and he went to mine), used to make fun of me when I ran. I don't even remember what he would say, but the act apparently left its mark. Luckily, my male selecting skills were honed in on and perfected with time. You have got to wonder why I stayed with the boy who poked fun at me over my athleticism or lack thereof:0) J/K

2.) It sounds stupid , but I kinda forget how to breathe when I am running and shortly after starting have always felt like I wasn't getting enough air. Not one to get closer to death any sooner than I need to, I always stopped there. Before tonight.

Brad and I have been doing really well lately about getting out to our nightly walk around the neighborhood. It is 1.5 miles around our neighborhood twice. The problem has been lately that Brad wants something more vigorous than a walk, so I decided to let jogging come into the picture tonight. The deal was I got to say when we started jogging and he would slack off when he needed to. It turned out well. We jogged in four different spots of our walk course. Out of the four times that we jogged, there was only one time where I couldn't go as far or further than Brad did when he chose to stop. It was the third time. After that, I allowed my competitive side to take over and there was no way I wasn't going to go all the way the fourth time! Overall, I think I did well and I feel our efforts more. I just reminded myself that I didn't need to compare myself to Brad. With our height differences, our gates are much different so I need to just compare me to me and him to him. I hope we can go again tomorrow.

My body is not the only thing jogging today. My mind is going like crazy! With preplanning a week away, I can't sleep. Last night, my mind was racing about how to arrange my new room. Being only half the size of a regular classroom is going to have its challenges. Tonight my brain is running laps around different organizational tactics, projects and motivation incentives I can implement in my FOCUS classroom. Sigh, I hope to be able to sleep soon.


Katie Jones said...

Me, too, sister... my classroom space planning insomnia is about to kill me.

Sarah said...

Congratulations! I better get back to trying to jog, too. I totally agree about the breathing thing. That is the absolute hardest part for me.