Monday, July 21, 2008

One Week Since, One Week Left

This time last week we kept Carter, our one month old nephew, for the first time. It was great. Brad did a good job and the time went by FAST! I am hoping we get to keep him again some time soon. Since he saw us last, Carter went to his one month appointment. He is in the 90 th percentile in height and weight. 11lbs and an oz. 23 inches long. Growing boy for sure. Here is a pic of him on his Boppy ( he was really smiling up until the orange light before the flash went off)

" I have the best Aunt Meredith and Uncle Brad ever!"

With that said, this Monday brings with it the last week before Brad goes back to work. That makes me sad. I will miss having him around the house to hang out with. We have done so many enjoyable things. This week we even plan to go through the old town of Stone Mountain and conclude the day with a viewing of the Laser Show. We are so fortunate to have this month of time where we are both off to nurture and strengthen our already flourishing young relationship as husband and wife. We have the time to do silly things like play Risk ( over the course of two days), healthy things like playing Bocce ball and taking walks (3.24 miles last night), grown up things like hosting our friends over for a cookout dinner and serious things like getting both of our names on bank accounts. It is all such a blessing.

I just hope we can capture the free spirit of our summer and let it absorb into the busy-ness of our work year. Sometimes with work, Masters work and bustle of our school year activities at our church, it can become stressful and difficult at times to find time to just relax. I just pray God gives us the strength to find the little moments that can make big differences in our repoire with each other whether it be in a small smile, an embrace that lasts a little longer or a dishwasher emptied without an urging :0) This summer has actually felt longer than usual and I think it is because we have made so much of it together. I am hoping that same approach can make going back to work less painful. Now, off to enjoy that last week together!

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