Friday, July 11, 2008

My Day Shaped Up

So with the husband gone, I didn't know exactly what I would be doing with myself for the next few days. While there is still a lot of cleaning to be done upstairs, it just doesnt scream a fun time. However, today social butterfly syndrome kicked in and I was out and about for a day of enjoyment.

First, I met Mom during her lunch break and we perused Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. It was a good oppotunity to catch up with each other, and she got a chance to see my car (still unnamed) for the first time. Then while I was still in Target picking up some extra gifts for Nicole's shower, Christina called me and asked if I wanted to meet her and my one month (to the day) old nephew for an ice cream date at Marble Slab. Of course I did! So the Dillard girls and youngest man had an afternoon of fun chit-chat and outstanding ice cream. Brad will be so jealous.

Now I am home and will be registering for my next session of Masters courses. I am excited that the University has decided to launch a 5 8 week session calendar in place of their 4 10 week session calendar. While that may mean the syllabus is laid out at a more rapid pace, I will be on track to graduate no later than next summer. It makes me excited that I would be eligible to be a counselor that soon. However, I have promised my administration that I won't jump ship after just one year as FOCUS teacher. So the pay increase will have to be enough of a benefit from the completion of the Masters for awhile.

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Laura Klassen said...

hey you!!! ken and i were talking about getting a group together to go see a movie soon. we miss you guys!!