Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Title Won't Work

I have so much to talk about that I can't think of a title that would work for all of what I am writing about so I am going to have little mini blog entries.

Jog, Party of One
Last night I got back out and jogged. It was the first time since I debuted as a jogger on Sunday. On Monday, Brad had blisters. On Tuesday, it rained over two inches. Last night, he was seriously tired. I was tired of not jogging so I went on my own. I did well. I positioned jogging stints in my course at the same places I did Sunday. The only one I couldn't complete was the third one again. However, there was a good reason. I added a length of five driveways shortly before that stint so I think it was too much right together. I also added a length of five driveways immediately before getting to our house. So in truth, I think I jogged more than I did Sunday. Yay, me!
Three Great Bargains
I went shopping yesterday with Mom and my sister Suzanne. We made the regular circle around Highway 124 in Snellville. Target, Belk, Kohl's. I ended up doing very well. I got three dresses for $45. That is great because not only can I add these to my teacher wardrobe, but one of the dresses was originally $65, more than all three dresses ended up being together. Now, that is shopping.
My Classroom
I went and worked on my classroom on Tuesday. I got some arranging done but I still have work to do. That will probably push me to go tomorrow, my last day off. The fun of working with your mother in law is that you always someone to go to lunch with when you go up on these random, unscheduled days to work. To follow in the footsteps of my other teacher friends, before pictures will be posted tomorrow. Then by the end of next week, I will post after.
Most Importantly
Today marks Brad and I's three year anniversary. We went on our first date two weeks after we met. We went to a sing along with our church and two other churches in our area. Then we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. It was a Sunday evening. By the next Thursday, I was cooking him dinner and he was cutting out laminated items for my classroom. It is hard for my mind to process that we have been together for that long but in other ways I can't believe it has been that short of a time. We both can't think of how life would be without each other and we don't really remember what it was. In honor of our third anniversary of being together, Brad bought tickets for us to go see Wicked at the Fox in October. We are also going to dinner at Johnny Carino's tomorrow night.

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cdillard said...

When are you guys seeing Wicked? Jack and I are going 10/25 (the evening show).