Monday, December 28, 2009

Boom, Downhill from there

We went to Brad's grandparents house and had a good time but as I was there I grew hoarse. Then it started to hurt to swallow. I figured it was the onset of a cold.

The 26th we laid low and it still hurt to swallow but I was okay with that. I took it easy only eating cereal, tomato soup for lunch and homemade turkey veggie soup while taking in some episodes of Muppet Show on DVDs. I still had great hope for celebrating Christmas with my mom's side of the family on the 27th and with my mom on the evening of the 27th. i went to bed after reluctantly taking Nyquil and waking up an hour later to go to the much for being knocked out.

The 27th came and I got ready to go to my mom's. I made a broccoli casserole while I sent Brad on to church. I took my shower and dried and curled my hair. That was when I decided I needed to lay down. My hips hurt, my head was spinning a little and my throat still hurt. Brad forced a thermometer in my mouth....100.8. Boo! I was sick and didn't want to risk getting Granddaddy sick so I didn't get to go to Christmas. I laid in the bed all day and then upon one round of sleep... my eye started oozing a discharge. Ugh! I thought I had pink eye but it turned out a sty I had been too unconcerned about had opened and was releasing a discharge. Still I was alone all day while my hubby attended the family gathering. He must have had a good time because he didn't get home til almost 10pm. I waited all day for my helping of apple cake made by my mom. I encouraged Brad to sleep in the guest room since I had been germing up his side of the bed all day in order to have access to the nightstand. I hoped to be better.

Today is the 28th. The eyelid is still sensitive but the eye is no longer discharging. My throat still hurts a little to the swallow but is very manageable. And my temp is 97.4. I am on the mend.

Tomorrow, my mom and I are going to celebrate my Christmas with her and my birthday. I hate to have it all lumped together. However, this year it is necessity.

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The Rayburns said...

Glad you are feeling better! Hopefully you will be back to 100% for our birthday!!!