Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve

After a night of fun cookie making on December 23rd, Christmas Eve came in. We traditionally spend Christmas Eve with Brad's parents. We usually attend the Christmas Eve service at our church as well but this year it was not possible. That was okay as it allowed us more time with family. We had Christmas dinner breakfast at the "Dillard House". There were three chefs this year, all adourned in professional attire and armed with two waffle irons to meet the needs of this crowd.

Brad and Linda

Brad and his Brother Jack

After eating a breakfast of waffles and omelettes, it was time to open the presents. That was a lot of fun this year as Carter was old enough to really get into it. We got him an outfit , a Pooh Christmas book and a Dusty the Talking Vacuum. As any boy would do, he quickly threw the clothes to the side, had some interest in the book and was mesmerized by the talking vacuum. That was good as the talking vacuum was an Ebay item because after passing him up on the Kohls website to go get him in Kohls, he was nowhere to be found - including the Kohls website. In an interesting turn of events, post Christmas Jack and Christina saw one in Kohls. But still Aunt Meredith was happy to be on the hunt for something meaningful to her favorite nephew.

Opening the Clothes

" Yes Uncle Brad, this book is mildly entertaining"

Let the Good Times Roll

It was also very special to watch Linda and Mr. Jack open one of our gifts to them - a snapfish picture book of our cruise together over the summer. I think it was a big hit.

So we had a great time at the "Dillard House". I got some quality Carter time, a Vera Bradley lanyard for my keys to go on at work, a pair of purple and black Argyle socks, an apron with my name monogrammed on it, an umbrella with polka dots on it for my car and $25. It was a great time.

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Props to the frilly apron!