Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas with the Griswolds

No , Chevy Chase was not present. Just Jackie, Jan, Florene, Suzanne and Brad and Meredith. We enjoyed a lunch of ham, green bean casserole, butter peas, yeast rolls , mashed potatoes, the mac and cheese, and salad I brought and cake mix cookies, german chocolate cake and chocolate cake. It was a great way to spend an afternoon in my dad's new house.

The Christmas Scene in Hoschton

We were happy to have Grandma join us in our festivities this year!

Dad and Jan enjoyed opening their gifts

Brad got a new hat

I spent time with my sister

And of course there was a banjo involved ( my sister is trying to learn how to play and my dad was interested, refusing to put it down for a family shot)

I really enjoyed the time we spent together. I got some very nice gifts from my dad and Jan including a lazy susan for my overflow of spices in my pantry, the Glee soundtrack, Reba McEntire's new CD, James Morrison CD, One Tree Hill Season Six on DVD and Wii Sports Resort. I didn't want to leave and we stayed for quite a while but we were due to the Dillard grandparent house. So on up the road we went.

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