Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh, How I Miss Thanksgiving Break

As I sit here and work on another Masters portfolio assignment and look forward to being done with it in time to enjoy my Christmas break fully, I look back to our Thanksgiving Break. We had a great time. Wednesday we traveled to the lake and spent time with Brad's parents and Carter. Jack and Christina joined us that night. Thursday we woke up and traveled to Warner Robins after a family shot on the deck of the lakehouse.

In Warner Robins, we ate lunch with about 80 of Linda's extended family and relatives at a church where the Dobson clan convene each year. The meal was satisfying to say the least because on the way home this is what the van looked like ( Brad woke up just before the pic was taken).

We played a little more at the lakehouse. To my surprise, Carter tried to say my name a few times. It was something that sounded like Meme once and then something that sounded an awful lot like a muh and duh lead two syllable word. Yay! Then a desire to shop on Black Friday and to be able to get ready for Friday's Griswold Thanksgiving festivities put us heading out from the lakehouse on Thursday night. Frigid temperatures met us in Loganville as we scrambled to find a paper with ads ( to no avail). We opted for Internet Black Friday shopping, went to my aunt Joyce's for Thanksgiving with Dad's side of the family and game playing. Saturday brought IMAX theater time with our adoptive family The Sosebees. And then the weekend wrapped up with church. Here's to more fun like that in two weeks.

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Christina said...

Oh my gosh - I laughed out loud at the picture in the van! Did Nana take that one?