Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Four Days Between Me and the GRE

Sigh, that test is ruining my life. Actually, yesterday it wasn't. And today it is. The thing I am figuring out about the GRE as I practice for it is that it is a whole lot like gambling or a lot of board games. There is no real way to make sure you do well....it really just depends on what they hand you on the day of the test. I mean I can practice strategy all I want and if the words they give me in the Verbal section are not words I know, then I don't stand a very good chance of doing well. However, I could get lucky and they could pull words that are familiar friends of the Griswold/Dillard vocabulary. That would make my day! The sad thing is the verbal was not my initial worry....the Math was. I have not taken a REAL Math class since the days of Gifted PreCalculus in high school junior year. Then yesterday I took my first two Math practice tests and got a 11 out of 20 but I could see where my mistakes were and then a 16 out of 20 (Whoo hoo!). I felt like I could actually do this thing. Today brings with it a 10 out of 20 and a 13 out of 20. Sigh....I am starting to think GRE stands for Gamblers and Risktakers Enjoy!

While I was taking my practice tests tonight, I heard hail coming from outside. My loving hubby called to make sure I took the right precautions of going in the bathroom on the lower level of the house if it got bad and to make sure I took measures to get informed of the approaching weather situation by turning on the tv. I decided to do quite the opposite when I saw how big the hail was upon looking out the window. Check out the size of that hail! While I was outside, I also tried to take a picture of a frog who tried to get in my house as I was coming out to take pictures. However, I failed. Unlike me, the frog had sense enough to run for cover quick in a weather situation like that.
Another set of triple letters that brought happiness not trepidation to my life today was DVR. Brad called Direct TV today and they are coming out to set up service for us on Friday. It is actually going to be cheaper than regular cable. Yay!

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