Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Girly Saturday

My fun times with female friends are few and far between. All of my best girl friends live 50+ miles away. However, when we get together it is that much more special because of the meaning behind finding time to get together. That is the way I like to look at it anyway. Today was one of those special times. I went down to Jennifer's house to meet with Sarah and our new mommy. Today was the day I ( and Sarah) got to meet Miss Emma Grace Rayburn.

She was wonderful. Holding her I felt so much love for her. I am so proud of Jennifer for how she just seems to have eased into motherhood. Seeing her with Emma Grace today, feeling what I felt holding Emma Grace and having thought about some things recently in relation to work and becoming a mom..... it has definitely made me think about my attitudes toward becoming a mom. It is a happy thought in my future. Nothing right now but it is a happy thought.

Anyway, it was definitely girl fun today. Awwing over our first baby to the friendship, touring through my honeymoon pictures, talking about Sarah's new house, eating a country cozy lunch, sharing two desserts among three friends, chatting it up.... SO GREAT! We are looking toward the third week of June for another visit. I can't wait and I know Emma Grace will have changed so much.

Last night and today without the husband have been hard. I don't think I expected it to be this hard. I couldn't bring myself to watch The Devil Wears Prada without him ( even though we recorded it on DVR for me) because I didnt want to do that without sharing it with him, I went on our nightly walk and felt alone, I chose to sleep on his side of the bed and I still felt a void. He has been calling and he found his note I tucked away in his bag.... but this is definitely another great sign that I am with the best and right person for me. I am kinda just lost without my best friend. Not in a sad , pathetic kind of way but in a healthy sigh kind of way. This house is not home to me without him. Can't wait til he gets back...but in the meantime I will go assemble wedding invitations tomorrow with Nicole and have fun.

I will post a pic of me with Emma Grace soon but my stupid dialup is acting up and won't accept it right now :0(

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