Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Four Days on the Other Side of the GRE

I took the GRE on Saturday and am proud of my performance on it. I got a 550 on the Verbal and a 660 on the quantitative. This is funny because the quantitative is the part I stressed out about so much. I also think I did well on the Writing part.

Good News: I get to see Jennifer, Sarah and Emma Grace on Saturday.
I get to see Nicole on Sunday and assemble wedding invitations.
One week til little Carter Dillard is to make his appearance.

Bad News: My husband leaves to go to Panama City Friday afternoon for a gig at a Disciple Now weekend at a church. It will be an awesome chance for kids to be fed spiritually and for Brad to connect with young and inspiring believers. However, I am a little sad that I can't go too. I miss working together spiritually with youth. Plus, it will be our first night(s) apart since we got married and I think the bed will feel a lot more noticeable empty now that I know the comfort of sleeping with my partner and soulmate.

Here's to focusing on the positives of this weekend though.


the wyatts said...

congrats!!! I know you are glad to have the GRE behind you.

cdillard said...

Good job on the GRE! I know you will miss Brad this weekend . . . Jack and I shook our heads at that plan. Oh well--maybe we will have a new family member for you to see while he's gone! :) Let's hope.