Monday, May 12, 2008

Sometimes Its Worth It

So with only seven days left with a group of students that I have mostly had for the last two years, I am STRESSED because I have to move classrooms again, have a lot of paperwork to do and little to hold my students accountable for(grades are due Wednesday). I am also emotional because I have given so much to these kids and right now it looks like they may be my last homeroom. But I have received some moments of relief and worth lately that remind me that sometimes its worth it.

- Saturday I took six of my students horseback riding. I loved being able to give them that experience. They loved it and were full of pride and appreciation! Malik even proved to be a natural. It was nice to spend an out of the classroom moment with these kids and give them a memory that will last them a long time. Pictures will be posted soon.:-)

- I read Kristin's blog today and was inspired by her. She reminded me that even as I do this job when loaded with stress, I need to remember that this was my dream, teaching. I am living my dream. I should be thanking God for this chance. Everyday I have with students should serve as an outlet to show how thankful I am to Him for trusting me with the lives of new miracles. So I stopped wading knee deep into paperwork and responsibility and had a multiplication bingo championship with my kids today. We had a good time. That is the side of these kids I want to remember and the side of me I want them to remember.

- Last but not least, Thomas ( my child genius who went horseback riding with me and is the author of the Captain Chocolate Bar comicbook series) came up to me while I was writing this entry during bus call:
T: Ms. Griswold, what is that?
Me: A blog.

T: What's a blog?
Me: A web journal.
T: My brother has something like that on gmail, is that on gmail?
Me: It is through Google.
T: When I get older, I am going to chat online with my Nintendo DS.

I just love him and I am so thankful that I will get to teach him for a third year as FOCUS teacher next year.

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